Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten....Here I Come!!

Tomorrow is the first official day of the school year!  For me, this time of year is is sad to see summer go, but I'm excited to meet a new group of students and begin a new school year!  

Below is my "First Day of Kindergarten" sign that I have each child hold up while I take their picture.  I have them stand in front of a measurement poster that I got from Lakeshore Learning to show how tall they are.  At the end of the year, I take another picture of them in front of the poster.  I like showing this to parents.  It is amazing to see how much they have grown!  My students last year grew 1 foot!!

I also made bags with materials for new students that I may get this year.  Every year I tell myself to do this, but I never do.  Then, I am sorry later when I am trying to think of all the materials I need for the new student.  I know I will be thankful I did this!!

How is your year going so far?  Have you started school yet?


Do you celebrate birthdays in your class?!  Here is a birthday book you can use for your students.  It includes a page for all students in your class to complete for the birthday child.  You will bind these into a book for the child to take home.  The birthday boy/girl will also make a birthday page of their own that you will include in the book.  To get this FREEBIE, click here.

Monday, August 25, 2014


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Good Luck!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Posting "I Can" Statements in Your Classroom

This year my district will be looking for "I Can" statements posted in each classroom.  When teaching, I will point the "I Can" statements out to my students so they know they are there.  Stating the "I Can" statement in the beginning of each lesson will also help your kiddos focus their attention on the learning target.

Here is how I posted my learning targets:

As you can see, I'm still working on typing up the Social Studies and Science "I Can" statements for Ohio!

I found the Common Core Language Arts and Math "I Cans" on TPT for FREE!  You can find the Language Arts standards here: Kindergarten Language Arts "I Can" Statements
To get the math standards, you will need to contact the seller. 

How do you post your "I Can" statements?

Kinder Friendly Behavior Chart

For the past two years I have been using the widely popular behavior chart that can be seen below. (sorry for the light reflection!) 

I have enjoyed using this chart, but this year I wanted to do something that was a little more kindergarten friendly.  Here is my NEW behavior chart!  I used a fun frog theme with visual picture cues.  I believe my kinders will LOVE this! 

I am still in the process of making their clips!  I will use clothespins and will glue a small paper frog onto the clip.  Here is how the chart works:
-All clips begin on "Ready to Learn" (lily pad)

Bad Choices:
-If a bad choice is made the child will move their clip to "Slow Down" (first log)
-If another bad choice is made the clip will be moved to "Think About It" (second log)
-A third bad choice will result in "Parent Contact" (FISH!...poor froggy gets eaten by fish) - Child will receive note home or call home depending on severity.

Good Choices:
-If a good choice is made child will move clip to "Great Job" (star)
-If another good choice is made child will move clip to "Outstanding!" (rainbow)

If they are on pink (rainbow) by the end of the day, they will get a note to take home!

I like to keep these in an envelope right above the chart so I can easily give them to the kids who get on pink. 

I like how children ALWAYS have the ability to move up the chart.  I also like how this chart gives attention to not only negative behaviors, but also positive! 

I will post what the frog clips look like when I finish them!

Friday, August 22, 2014

I am finally beginning the BLOG journey...


I am finally doing what I have been wanting to do for awhile....create a blog!  I believe blogs to be a great way for other teachers to connect and share their ideas! During my career, I have seen the power sharing teaching ideas can have on not only OUR teaching, but also the benefits it provides our students.  I hope you enjoy reading my posts and am so excited to meet other teachers!!  Please feel free to comment and join me on this journey!

Let me first tell you a little about me....I am currently going into my third year of teaching.  This will be my second year in kindergarten, but I have also taught second grade.  I LOVE both grades.  I really can't pick one that I like better than the other.  Kids at each grade are so fun to be around!  However, I must say that the progress that is seen in kindergarten is amazing to see!

I will soon be posting the start of my year.  I hope you share how your year is going too!