Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kinder Friendly Behavior Chart

For the past two years I have been using the widely popular behavior chart that can be seen below. (sorry for the light reflection!) 

I have enjoyed using this chart, but this year I wanted to do something that was a little more kindergarten friendly.  Here is my NEW behavior chart!  I used a fun frog theme with visual picture cues.  I believe my kinders will LOVE this! 

I am still in the process of making their clips!  I will use clothespins and will glue a small paper frog onto the clip.  Here is how the chart works:
-All clips begin on "Ready to Learn" (lily pad)

Bad Choices:
-If a bad choice is made the child will move their clip to "Slow Down" (first log)
-If another bad choice is made the clip will be moved to "Think About It" (second log)
-A third bad choice will result in "Parent Contact" (FISH!...poor froggy gets eaten by fish) - Child will receive note home or call home depending on severity.

Good Choices:
-If a good choice is made child will move clip to "Great Job" (star)
-If another good choice is made child will move clip to "Outstanding!" (rainbow)

If they are on pink (rainbow) by the end of the day, they will get a note to take home!

I like to keep these in an envelope right above the chart so I can easily give them to the kids who get on pink. 

I like how children ALWAYS have the ability to move up the chart.  I also like how this chart gives attention to not only negative behaviors, but also positive! 

I will post what the frog clips look like when I finish them!

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