Saturday, July 16, 2016

Treasure Map Fun!

As a kindergarten teacher, I have learned the importance of getting children excited about learning social studies and science topics that can easily be considered boring for kids.  Themes help out great with getting children excited about learning!  I enjoy teaching maps mainly because I use a pirate theme to get the kids excited about learning!  I begin the unit by telling the children that we are going to pretend to be pirates for the next few weeks.  We read books that include pirates and books that teach us about the properties of maps and their various uses.  Here are some great picture books I use:

I use this book to get my students excited about the new unit!  This book does not focus on maps, but it sends a great message about friendship and accepting everyone regardless of differences.

I use this book to introduce the concept of maps.  I like how the author zooms out by first showing a map of the child's bedroom.  Then she zooms out to a map of the child's house and continues to the map of the world.  

This book is great for teaching about map keys.

 Another great book to teach how to use maps.

 The kids love this book.  Can you guess why?

I have the children make many maps throughout the week which include maps of their bedroom and of our classroom.  I also have them make their own treasure maps!  They love making these!!  You can find these for FREE in my TPT store here: Pirate Treasure Maps.

 I hope I have given you some ideas of how to make your next unit on maps more exciting!  

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