Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Teaching Foundational Skills with Play-Doh Mats!

Play-doh mats are great for tactile learning!  I use them often in my kindergarten classroom and my students love them!  They are great to use for centers or when you want to keep your kiddos busy while you are doing beginning of the year assessments.  They are also great for RTI!

In the beginning of the year I use these letter/sound play-doh mats for my students to practice letter identification.  

I also use these number identification play-doh mats.  I like how they include writing the number and number word.  Kids also practice counting by using the ten frame.

As my students learn their sight words, I have them use these sight word play-doh mats (Fry Lists 1-100 and 101 -200 are available!)

As the kids learn addition and subtraction I use the below play-doh mats to practice these skills.  You can also place the mat in a dry erase pocket.  

If you would like to take a look at all the play-doh mats in my store check out my "Play-Doh Mats: The Bundle."  There are 8 play-doh mat products that you can use throughout the year to practice skills that include:

Here is a FREEBIE for your students to enjoy: Shape Play-Doh Mats.

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